Saturday, 16 September 2017

How To Make Pan Card Online

Nowadays every major purchase requires a PAN card, the government is also checking people's income details to curb black money. In such a situation, you can make a PAN card online at Rs. 110.

Follow This Online Follow Up, Follow These Steps

Apply for PAN card online

To apply online, visit the NSDL Portal at

Click on  this link. 

Here you fill in your basic information name, mobile, email id

Scan your documents and upload them

Deposit Fees Online

This is the second way

In the left pane option in the left side, click on Apply Online

There you can fill up the form through NSDL or UTIITSL

There is a fee of 96 rupees.

You can make this payment through credit card / debit card or net banking only from the site

After the payment has been made and after the submission of the application, take print out of a form and attach your photo to it and sign it

Along with all the required documents, you will have to send by courier or speed post to NSDL / UTIITSL

It should arrive within 15 days of applying online

Required Documents

Recently taken 2 color photos

Identity proof self-contained photo copy

Self-proof photo copy of address proof

For Identity Proof (one of these documents)

School leaving certificate

Tenth Certificate

Degree of a recognized institution....


Voter ID Card....

Driving license....

Ration card....

Note: If the child has to be made a pan, then his parents or Guardian can use Identity Proof.

For address proof (any of these)

Phone bill. - Bank passbook. - Electricity / water bill - Credit Card Statement. - Employer certificate - Voter card. - Rent receipt

How to get ready made PAN card

Within fifteen to 20 days of filling the form, the PAN card comes to your home address via Speed ​​Post.


From 1 July 2017, the payment of dispatch of PAN card in India is 110 rupees. Foreign exchange fee is Rs. 1020.

What is the PAN, for which work is it necessary.

Permanent Account Number is a alphanumeric (digit + letter) number of pan 10 digits.

It issues the Income Tax Department.

Whether you change your address, even from one state to another, the PAN number remains the same.

It is necessary to have a PAN for filling an Income Tax Return.

If someone's annual income is taxable, then it is mandatory to take a pan. If such people do not provide pan to the employer, then the employer can deduct TDS at the rate of their slab rate or more than 20 percent.

If income is not taxable, then taking a pan is not mandatory. However, cases of banking and other types of financial transactions (such as: opening a bank account, selling a property, buying a property, etc.) are needed in the pan, so all the pan should be taken.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

TinyBlog Create Your Content

Tiny Blog is a simple multi blogging platform (tiny-blogging) where you can publish news, articles, photos, videos and more. Create your own Tiny Blog and share your likes and interests! Create a free blog with our free platform for any business or occasion. Every free blog comes with unlimited web hosting, all in one place

Monday, 4 September 2017

Self-Publishing Infographics Submission Sites List

Infographics Submission
There are a lot of options and things to consider when submitting to Info graphic directories/blogs. There are some that require registration, offer paid options, and more. Is the link follow or no follow? What is the anchor text? Even if the website offers no follow links, it can still help you build traffic. In this Info graphic submission sites list, you’ll find the updated Info graphic websites where you can submit your Info graphic for free without any kind of charges (some websites are paid). 

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Idea To Make Money Online

Business, there are several ways to earn money from a job. Many people earn money by working so many hours in the day. However, many people make money on the go or take another job with. It is an option to make money online. Where there may be little time with good earnings. 

You can also online income through photography. There are many websites which provide stock and the payment are also photographs.,, including website offers photo buy money. Members must be uploading photos on the site, then the site's policy, where you can get 15 to 85 per cent royalty.

Online Work and popular website in the world in terms of earning online. The first two sites by the test to prove themselves to the site Useful. Once you register, the site work for individual members and freelancer hired as contract talks. When done per hour or make money in other ways.

Idea To Make Money Online
Google AdSense

Through Google AdSense, you can earn any money by advertising on the blog. Google's service 'Google AdSense' being given by advertisement and put it on your blog. It will pay for each click on an ad on your blog will be. Google AdSense gives you several types of ads such as video, images, text, banner. Select your better advertising of these and put it on my blog.

The e-tutor

You have the knowledge of a subject and you can read it, then for you to make money online e-tutoring is also an option. Indeed, many different subjects ranging from website e-tutor paid feature race. These include sites like and Users can register themselves on the website a few hours can make good money teaching.

YouTube earnings

Distribute your video to YouTube that online revenue is the part. YouTube partner program to join the YouTube Partner Program by visiting users first have to apply for. Users must upload their videos through the same registration. YouTube's technical committee to examine Originality and quality. Then the video will be available on the users part of an ad.

Add Baysel

It is also a source of online income. This can be through direct aid cell. It is given in exchange for advertising on your blog, take your commission. You would not have direct contact with the advertiser.

Paid Review

Gadgets, technology, film, books or any other thing you can review, the earnings can be from here. Many websites are in need of freelance expert review. So, you can Talented for home good income.

 App and Software

If you can develop software or smartphone app is the best way that online income. However, you can also hire an expert for this. These apps Google, Apple, many companies like Microsoft are bought.

Online Writing

Writing online craze is growing rapidly. Portals, blogs, news sites, many with websites that are paid to write the article. Not only that, many sites now online filing from paying royalties earned her the opportunity to give. It includes popular Amazon e-commerce site. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing operates under the name of the feature. Book online by typing any of this has to be put on the Kindle bookstore. Sailing on the writer gets 70 per cent royalty. Self-published book for the details of the site and click on

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Best Part Time Jobs Online From Home

3 to 4 hours a day with only part-time, you can make extra earnings. There are numerous online websites that are offering the opportunity to work part-time. Whatever skills you have, on the basis of the selection, you can work. We are told in a 5 part-time jobs through which you can make a good income. In it you do not have some kind of investment.

Earnings by way of video and websites

*Would do:  cooking, yoga, design, SEO, MS Excel, Java, Paithon, in which the English are your skills, you can make the video. One lesson you step by step through the entire chain of video can prepare.
* How earnings:  such video you, skillshare with websites such as earnings and are tied.

Earn money online by freelancing

* What to do: You must complete projects online companies. You can make the selection of projects according to their skills. It will work freelancing.

* How earnings:,, can find work through such websites. Free time or weekend you can work on these projects.

Earn money that you have food-making skills

* What to do: If you think you make a very tasty meal. Like people who make a recipe that will prepare recipes from home.

* How earnings: such websites you can make yourself registered. Then you can give home delivery directly to the customer or delivery systems can start from your place.
Best Part Time Jobs Online From Home

YouTube's partner program, or earnings

* What to do:  If you can create a unique video, Informative or be funny to see people who do not want to shoot a video. The quality of work should also come with camera and video editing.

* How earnings:  earnings through the YouTube Partner Program can help. Go to your YouTube account, please creator account account by clicking on the tab. Upload your video, the more you see, the better will be your earnings. Should not be copied in any way.

When writing copy writing skills to the Com-main

* What to do: If you can write well can freelancing. It is also a good idea to part-time earnings.

*How will the money:, freelancing websites as a platform to be available are getting. Through these websites, you can start writing copy. Your writing skills are really good here you can make good earnings.

Monday, 28 November 2016

How To Download Video From Twitter And Facebook

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter, often show up as video downloading becomes mind. However, how to download them, the process does not address many users. The video left behind users

Download Video From Twitter And Facebook
Can not download. Users who do not need to be nervous, because we know the trick to download videos from Twitter and Facebook are.

# The trick to download videos from Facebook:

* Step-one

A video on your Facebook Wall is visible and if you want to download, click on the earlier date.

* Step-two

Now that the video window will open. M down here instead of Enter www in the URL of the video (key) Press.

* Step-three

Now will open the video in a mobile format. Right mouse click on it and play. Save video as ... Now the video by clicking on the option Save.

# The trick to download videos from Twitter:

* Step-one

Your Twitter page is showing a video and if you want to download, click on the earlier date or time.

* Step-two

Now the video will open a new window. In the URL of the video on twitter replace mobile. Enter by typing the (key) Press.

* Step-three

Now will open the video in a mobile format. Right mouse click on it and play. Save video as ... Now the video by clicking on the option Save.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

These Are The Best Part-Time Jobs Online/Offline from Home Provide Site List

If you sit at home part-time job if you want to Earning Extra Options are not lacking. 3 to 4 hours a day just through part-time jobs in the month by giving 10 to 15 thousand rupees can be earned easily. If you have more time ago may be too low to 20 thousand rupees. We are told that about  jobs.

Part-time Online/Offline data entry jobs you can do. Provides online data that represent the companies. MS World companies by typing in the data has to go back.

Part-Time Jobs Online/Offline
* English typing should come to work. Also MS World, Basic knowledge of computers should be.

Form Filling

* You sit home form filling jobs can of. You will have to fill the form in detail. The details and send this form are online only.

* Basic knowledge of the job to computer, internet surfing and websites will open should come.

Ad Posting Job

* Aid to the companies you are posting on various classified websites. The more posts you add, the more you get paid. This can be done from anywhere, anytime.

* The computer or laptop, you should just get an Internet connection. Cyber ??cafes, and even a few hours you can work.

SMS to send jobs

* Advertising companies also bring a message through. Our product more and more exposure to products related to mobile phone users for the purpose of the message are provided.

* The message to people who are in need of a product to send to users. Free time for a part-time income you can make it work.

To copy paste jobs

* The companies have to post the ad. The more you add the paste classified separately, so will your income. Key skills for jobs that do not need any.

* You should just surfing the Internet. Your computer or laptop must also have an Internet connection.

Through these websites can get jobs

Ad Posting is an another medium of advertisement through online. The work is easy and simple just copy and paste. The add matters what will be provided by us towards you, just post them to the different sites as much as you can do. Those add matters are containing the business/product adds of other companies to grow up their marketing side

Fresher can apply in company website. Job Type- Part time. Job Type- work from home

Are You looking to make money online through Freelance Online and offline data entry Jobs? First You should study about what kind of freelance Jobs available online. Are you really tired to search real part time jobs like data entry, freelancing jobs and some other outsourcing jobs?

There are many websites which are the kind of jobs. To find a job you can search on the Internet and websites.