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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Useful Android Apps That Are Not Available In Play Store

Million apps on the Google Play Store for Android users are present. However, here are some apps that are not be available for the users can be very Useful. We're telling you about the 10 best Android apps on the Play Store, you will not. You can download from here ...

This video streaming app. Video Mix app lets you videos, TV shows and more can stream and that too free of cost. In addition, the app is easy to use, it does not need to create an account or sign in. Open just download the app, search your favorite video and click start streaming.

They are almost all videos on this app Aplbd See you on YouTube. YouTube video which you should also do the search. The app will display the video in several formats, you may need to format it can download video.

Android Apps

Amazon has its own app store shopping network where you can find millions of free apps that are not available in the Play Store. Google Play Store, so it is seen as an alternative. You can also use this app.
There are several apps in the Play Store you can download YouTube videos for free. However, Tubmet app makers claim that the competition is not any apps. Important thing is that this app high quality videos from YouTube also makes it downloaded in minutes.
Download the app from

These are one of the best apps you'll want to keep in your phone. This app lets you music, books and Android apps can easily find and download to your phone.

WhatsApp users own more than one phone WhatsApp account does not permission to run. However, on the Internet there are some apps that allow more than one account can be run WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is one of them. Not Available on the Play Store, you can download it from the link below.

Top Internet Shortcuts for Common Users for All Browsers

Despite not being on the Play Store App is very popular among Android users. With its help you can hack Android apps. You can change it according.

Android users to change the look of your smartphone screen, which always keep their new launchers Troy app may prove the best. This app has several features which users might like. The menu has been Ditachebl any corner of the screen to open the sides of the center is to swipe.

In this app you will find many modules and frames in which you would like to use your phone. The special thing is that the phone application without impacting the app is used. This app lets you change your looks according to your Android phone.

Google gives the chance to earn money from home, you can even Try

The app is also known by the name of Black Market App. Join these users to download many apps lets. From the Play Store to download apps that you have to pay for apps that you can download for free from the App Blackmart.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Top Tricks And Tips For Google Search Bar

Today any information with the help of Google's search box that can be achieved in seconds. But many tips and tricks for searching, the search for their assistance in this task can be made easier. Know just about Hidden search tips ...

Solve Calculations

The calculator can be made to meet the Google search box. In the search box, you also have to calculate it, write it down and enter. Search box, search results, such as the 2 + 2 will write the entire calculator with its answer will come to you. Calculated from the calculator can then forward

Google Set timer

Google search box "Timer" type make and press Enter. You'll find the timer and stopwatch. Also you can set the timer directly from the search box. As you Awry two minutes and twenty five seconds to set the timer and then write something like this in the search bar - Set Timer 2 minute 25 seconds. Google will then start the timer.

Get Nutritional Information

Google is smart enough to show nutritional info for food related searches such as mango, chocolate candy, etc. The given info includes calories, vitamins, fats, etc. For example: search queries “banana” or “chocolate cake” produces its nutritional information.

Make Food Comparisons

Google can even compare foods for you. If you’re not sure which food will get you better nutrients or which will not increase your body fat, then you can ask Google and it will answer much like any dietitian. For example: “mango vs. banana” tells Google to compare and present the nutritional info of the given two fruits – Mango and Banana.

Population of the whole graph

Population of the country charts, including information on any Google search box then you just type the name of population and the country can find it. Exp. write population India is not only the population of India will tell Google you, but how population grew in every ten years from 1960, will give the information using charts. He also dealt with some countries will comparison  chart.

Time and sunrise-sunset

Google from any country of the sunrise and sunset times can also easily find out. In the search box the name of the country with Sunrise to Sunrise and sunset Sunset and country type to enter it. Google will tell you both the time.

Also, if you happen to know what time it is happening in a country still in the Google search box, type the name of the country do after Time. Please enter again. Google will tell you how much that still watches of the country are playing.

Change number in text

Google can also convert numbers to words. It’s really useful when you have various large numbers that you require in words form. For example: “1064305 in English” or “1064305 = English” prints ‘one million sixty-four thousand three hundred five’ on the screen.

Get Directions and Ask for Navigation

Well, a different feature of Google Maps, Google's search box, but you can easily search the map of the place. If you want to know the distance like Delhi and Mumbai in the Google search box, type Delhi to Mumbai and Google Maps will show between the two cities. Additionally, from city to city, much of which vehicle to reach potential will take time, it will tell.

The festival will come on what day

Google's search box that can be used to find out what day will be a festival this year. When you like to know that this year's Diwali then type in the Google search box, Google will tell Diwali 2016. When will this Diwali. Also in the last four years, what day was celebrated Diwali, the information also will give Google. While this information will only own about some big festivals.

Search by Voice

Google allows you to make voice searches. If you’re browsing Google on its Chrome browser or using Google application on Android or iOS, then you can click on the Microphone button and directly speak to Google what you’re looking for, and it shows the results after receiving the input from you.

Search by Image

Google can’t only search for words but also for images. You can now use a photo of your friend to search more of his/her photos. The simple trick is to click the Camera button in the search bar of Google Images, and paste an image URL or upload a picture from your system to make an image search. You can also find some more alternative reverse image search engines here.

Know your IP Address

ip address typed in the search bar shows your current IP address as acquired by Google. For example: “ip address” lists as my computer’s IP address.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Top 10 Free Photo Editing Sites & Tools for Free

Photo editing tools and software available on the Internet. Not just the software for editing, but there are several free websites whose help photos can be easily edited. Artwork with photos of the sites for hobbyists could prove quite effective. Those who do not editing video and text tutorials for them are also present on these websites.

Online photo editing can become a means of learning for those who want to show their creativity. I am going to tell you about the Free Online Photo Editing Websites. These Photoshop Express, Befunky, Pic Monkey includes such popular sites.

Photoshop Express :

If you are fond of pictures created on Photoshop and Photoshop Express yourself if you want to use it can help you. You'll find it on The editor can be made even better with the help of photos. The editor will receive several tools used in the photo may be shown their creativity. Crop, color change and many things can be done through the Photo Editor.


A popular online photo editing application is funky B website. would go on to use it. The app for photo editing you'll find more than 20 effects. Consequently, a number of photo frames in which any picture can be fitted according to size. If you do not know much about photo editing, this app can help you. Funky B in addition to photo editing will also find many articles which will be helpful to teach new users editing the photo.

Pic Monkey:

Join an online photo-editing site you without any hassles is an opportunity to show their creativity. With its help, crop photo, rotate, Touch-up effects or frames may be given. Consequently, the user of adding together multiple photos to design even allows. Facebook Timeline Cover yourself to design it could be an attractive site.

Pixlr O Matic:

If you want to use the photo editor for it, you will go on Photo Editing on this site is divided into three steps. The first red area, filter effects in the blue area and the last frame of the yellow area is to select your photo editing. Between the stage you can go forward or backward at any time. With this web camera directly via this site allows you to upload photos.

Foto Flexer:

One of the most popular online photo editing website considered. On this website you will find many features and tools. Simultaneously, through this website after editing photos directly to social networking sites (Facebook etc.) may be put on. This website could be better for those who have the habit of browsing the Internet and social media accounts are fond of putting on the photo.

PhotoVisi: template by making a simple online service that combines your multiple photos together. The online service can be made through a photo collage. Photo collage created by it somewhat look like Picasa photo editing tool.


Paijap ( is a website which allows you to edit photos are funny and some also across. Through this website, stickers, backgrounds and with a range of effects that can be used in the photo. The photos were edited on the website in a few minutes can share with your friends.


Known for its peculiar Photo Frames website ( Photo editing can be several ways. Some funny photos with those who want their handiwork on this website will get more than 150 background effects and stickers. Cut, copy and paste the application itself rather than a face in your photo selecting a scene (background) will put up with.

Fun Photo Box: like his name is an interesting website online which allows you to edit photos like this is something that will not stay without them seeing you laugh. Fotofniakcom like it is a popular website.

Blingee: animated photos and graphics is an attractive website. Animated photos can be made through this website. Any photos on this site you will also find many Selects cartoon can add your photos. To pervert the photo of the website can be used.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

How To Use Of Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitter is a combination of both social networking and microblogging service which eventually permit us to write and read posts called tweets. These tweets are text messages maximum of 140 characters . Twitter has crossed several millions users who have produced billions of tweets each year.

Twitter has more than million users - but how many of them know about its top hidden keyboard features? For those of you who don't know them, here's a list of the top tips For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, SHIFT+?.

to drill down into or close a selected tweet
to page down
 to page up
g then h
to go home
g then r
 to go to your replies/mentions
g then p
 to go to your profile
g then f
to go to your favorites
g then m
 to go to your direct messages
g then u
 then search to view any user's timeline
g then l
Go to your Lists
g then s
 Go to your settings
g then a
 Go to Activity page
g thenc
 Go to Interaction page
to move between the next and previous tweets
 Write new tweet
 Go to next tweet
 Go to previous tweet
 Reply to tweet
 Write direct message
 Block user
Unblock user
 to jump to the search box
 to refresh and jump back to the top

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Shortcut Keys for Google Doc Spreadsheet on Chrome, Firefox

While in Google Docs if you forget some of the keyboard shortcuts that help make working in a document more efficient, hold down the Command key and then quickly strike the forward slash. But the number of keyboard shortcut keys in Google Spreadsheet is limited. One benefit is that lots of Keyboard shortcuts have similar functionality in both Excel and Google Spreadsheet. These are the Google docs shortcuts you should start getting comfortable with because they can really save you time. You can see a full list of keyboard shortcuts here, or simply type Ctrl / (? / on a Mac) to open the shortcut help.

Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Shift + ;
Insert time
Ctrl + ;
Insert date
Ctrl + Enter
Fill range
Ctrl + D
Fill down
Ctrl + R
Fill right
Shift + F2
Insert/edit note
Ctrl + K
Insert link
Shift +Tab
Decrease paragraph indentation
Ctrl + Alt + M
Insert/edit comment
Increase paragraph indentation
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl +X, Ctrl +C, Ctrl +V
Cut, Copy, Paste
Absolute/relative references
Ctrl + Shift + K
Input tools on/off
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K
Select input tools
Move to start of row
Ctrl + Home
Move to beginning of sheet
Move to end of row
Ctrl + End
Move to end of sheet
Ctrl + Backspace
Scroll to active cell
Ctrl + Shift + Page Down
Move to next sheet
Ctrl + Shift + Page Up
Move to previous sheet
Ctrl + F
Ctrl + H
Find and replace
Ctrl + Shift + \
Show context menu
Alt + F
File Menu
Alt + E
Edit Menu
Alt + V
View Menu
Alt + I
Insert Menu
Alt + O
Format Menu
Alt + D
Data Menu
Alt + M
Form Menu
Alt + T
Tools Menu
Alt + H
Help Menu
Alt + A
Accessibility Menu
Alt + Shift + K
Show sheet list
Alt + Shift + S
Display sheet menu
Ctrl + B
Ctrl + U
Ctrl + I
Alt + Shift + 5
Ctrl + Shift + E
Align center
Ctrl + Shift + L
Align left
Ctrl + Shift + R
Align right
Alt + Shift + 1
Apply top border
Alt + Shift + 2
Apply right border
Alt + Shift + 3
Apply bottom border
Alt + Shift + 4
Apply left border
Alt + Shift + 6
Remove borders
Alt + Shift + 7
Apply outer border
Ctrl + Shift + 1
Format as decimal
Ctrl + Shift + 2
Format as time
Ctrl + Shift + 3
Format as date
Ctrl + Shift + 4
Format as currency
Ctrl + Shift + 5
Format as percentage
Ctrl + Shift + 6
Format as exponent
Ctrl + Space
Select column
Shift + Space
Select row
Ctrl +Shift + End/Ctrl +Shift+ Home
Extend selection to end / to beginning of document
Shift+ Arrow Right/ Shift + Arrow Left
Extend selection one character to the right / to the left
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Right/Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Left
Extend selection one word to the right / to the left
Shift + Page Down/ Shift + Page Up
Extend selection one screen down / one screen up
Shift + Arrow Down/ Shift + Arrow Up
Extend selection one line down / one line up
Ctrl + A
Select all
Ctrl + Shift + 8
Select active region
Screen Reader
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C
Read column
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R
Read row
Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Insert array formula
Shift + F11
Add new sheet
File Commands
Ctrl + O
Ctrl + P
Ctrl + `
Show all formulas
Ctrl + Shift + F
Compact controls
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M
Move to top of application
Shift + Esc
Alt + Enter
Open hyperlink
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + G
Arrow Left/Arrow Right
Jump one character to the left / to the right
Alt + Shift + Q
Focus quick sum
Jump to the end of a line / beginning of a line
Arrow Down/Arrow Up
Jump one line down / one line down
Page Down/Page Up
Jump one screen down/ one screen up
Ctrl +End/Ctrl +Home
Jump to end / to beginning of document
Ctrl + Alt + E then Ctrl + Alt + P
Focus hyperlink bubble
Ctrl + Alt + F then Ctrl + Alt + P
Open filter drop-down menu
Shift + F1
Open documentation (new window)
Ctrl + /
Show shortcuts help popup
Ctrl + Alt + Z
Enable screen reader support