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Monday, 6 June 2016

How To Set Password In Pen Drive Using Bit Locker

Pen drives are small and a lot of work. If your habit is very little data stored in a pen drive to be the spitting image of her to think about protection. Additional pen drive without any software you want to lock in a simple way for it. Using Bit-locker encryption easily secure your personal data can be kept.

What to do-
step 1-
Set Password In Pen Drive
Pen drives connect to the computer, If the data in the drive is scanned, be sure to format it and then once you empty it. Then right-click "Turn on bit locker" menu.

Step 2-

A window will open and will close itself. Then the process will start. It will open a new window you will be given the option of how you want to lock your drive.

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Here -
A password used to unlock the drive

Step 3-

Now choose a password to your account and click on the Next button. Now you will open a window in which you will be asked to save bit locker recovery key. This step could be the work when you forget the password.

Step 4-

Here you can select Save to file option. Then the computer will be asked in the location where you want to save the Recovery Key. Collect and save Browse Recovery Key locations.

Step 5-

Next, you'll see a window like this. The next option you have to click on. Start encrypting not come until after this option every time you have to click on Next.

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Step 6-

After starting the encryption process can take some time to complete. Once the process is complete, disconnect and reconnect the pen drive. Doing so now will lock in place of pen drives and will not open without a password.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Your Wi-Fi Is So Slow And How To Fix It

Wi-Fi in the home range of the right not to be disturbed if found justified, it can cause rust. Such as software updates or WiFi positioning. We are going to tell you the slow speed Wi-Fi and corrective measures. Due to the slow-speed Wi-Fi ...

What to do-

Placed the  Wi-Fi between houses . Internet signal will reach all around the house.

Microwave ovens operate at 2.45 GHz frequency band Wi-Fi which is very close to the frequency of 2.4GHz. Chances are much higher when both Ovrlaps. When this happens, experienced some difficulties in data transfer. When using the microwave, so no problems in the Wi-Fi network for a while, turn off Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi Signal At Home

Nowadays LED lights flashing in the chip are used, which can create electromagnetic fields. This Wi-Fi signal is interrupted. So without interruption to use the Wi-Fi LED light Keep away from your router.

Latest hardware technology to increase speed of Wi-Fi use is essential. With the router to sync with the computer software is equally important.

Materials made of concrete and metal block most Wi-Fi waves. Router placed anywhere around the Wi-Fi signal, such materials are not preventing it. Avoid placing the router in the basement or in places where such goods are lots of concrete and metal.

If more than one Wi-Fi network in your neighborhood that's important to choose the wireless channels. The Wi-Fi Stumbler and you can use the Wi-Fi Analyzer.

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Strong Pasward Secure your Wi-Fi password to not be hacked. So not only slow but also the speed of Wi-Fi Internet misuse can happen.

Download heavy files on the Wi-Fi network and heavy activities (gaming or video streaming), together with the performance may be lower. If there is more important work one of these at a time. Downloading a time when fewer users active on your site.

If your router is older update. This Wi-Fi Internet connection will be largely recovered in the coming problems.

Tips To Know Who Is Accessing Your Wi-Fi

Or providers in your router is the problem, a quick speed test to find out. Quick Speed ??Test you have to do two things for it. Test the speed of your Wi-Fi first, and then the Ethernet cable to your computer (Internet cable) connected to the Speed ??Test. If both slow the ISP's problem if and only if the problem with the router's Wi-Fi network is slow.